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The characteristics most closely associated with this class are:

* Strength: All of the Sram's offensive traps deal Earth damage. As well as this Sram's also have several other Earth and Neutral spells, meaning that a Strength Sram is a very common, and very good build.
* Agility: Agility increases Critical Hits, which means that spells/weapons can deal considerably more. As well as this the Sram's Double's Agility is the same as the Sram, making an Agility Sram's Double very good for dodge locking opponents.

The other characteristics are:

* Vitality: Not recommended to raise, as it can be raised easily with equipment.
* Chance: Srams have no Water based spells, meaning this is a hard way to go.
* Intelligence: Srams don't have any Fire based attacks.
* Wisdom: Not recommended for Srams or most other classes. Raise with Scrolls/Equipment instead.


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