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Strength: In general, Strength is a Sadida's core characteristic. The majority of Sadida's attacks are Earth based attacks. However, despite being their primary characteristic, strength has its first soft cap at only 50, so Sadida progress slightly slower than many other Strength based classes.

Vitality: Not recommended for most classes to raise.

Intelligence: Sadidas do have some Fire based attacks so Intelligence can be an option for your characteristic points. There are some very strong PvP builds using Intelligence as a core.

Chance: Sadidas have only two Water based attacks so Chance is not normally a primary statistic for Sadidas. The one spell (Tear) is learned at a fairly low level and can be very powerful. Note: Since Tear does more consistent damage than almost all of the Sadida's other attacks, and since Chance has a higher soft cap than Strength some unorthodox builds use it as a major attack.

Agility: Sadidas also only have one spell linked to the Agility stat, which only damages summons, and therefore is not normally a core characteristic.

Wisdom: Like all of the classes, Sadida use an increased Wisdom for more experience point gains. Since Wisdom maintains a softcap of 3:1 from level 1 it is rarely increased with characteristic points.


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