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The characteristics most closely associated with this class are:

* Intelligence: This boosts Glowing Armor by 1% per point as well as all other shields by 0.5%. It also raises fire damage, and as the majority of Fecas attack spells are fire based then this is a good and the most common way to go. Fecas have good soft caps as well, making this an even better choice.

The other characteristics are:

* Strength: It can be useful for a Feca. It boosts Earth Armor by 1% per two points, which can be effective as there are a lot of neutral/earth based spells. Fecas do have a few attack spells which benefit from this. Though this build mainly relies on those shields which are not raised by Intelligence.
* Vitality: Even though Fecas can reduce a lot of damage, they often won't reduce all of it. Lasting longer is a nice thing to have, yet at higher levels Vitality is easy to gain.
* Agility: Not really an option. Increases dodge rate and slighty increases critical hits. Fecas have no agility based spells though and have poor soft caps. This also increases Wind Armor by 1% per two points.
* Wisdom: Not recommended, at least not till fully scrolled and high soft caps have been reached for other stats.
* Chance: Not too useful. Increases prospecting and Aqueous Armor by 1% per two points. Fecas do have a single Water based attack spell though it is hard to use.


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