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The characteristics most closely associated with this class are:

* Intelligence: By far the easiest build for a Xelor. Xelors have many Fire spells to use such as Hand, Xelor's Sandglass, and Temporal Dust. Many High Hammers boost Intelligence as well, meaning they have good close combat options. Mummifications damage reduction is also increased by Intelligence.

* Wisdom: Xelors are probably the only class which can have an effective Wisdom build. Wisdom Xelors have increased chances to take AP, as well as leveling fast and having a bit of reflection with spells such as Counter and Blinding Protection. All this means you can have a formidable character with a Wisdom Xelor, though they might not hit too high.

Other characteristics:

* Agility: A good option for Xelors with very high damage, This is an alternate build for Xelors who wish to use spells such as Frostbite, Shriveling, and Moon Hammer. However Xelors have low Agility soft caps, meaning they would need to be scrolled for full effectiveness.

* Strength: Difficult build until level 90, when the Xelor's only Strength spell Xelor's Punch is obtained.

* Chance: Not particularly recommended. Low soft caps on chance means you'd need to fully scroll for effectiveness. Although Clock does deal high damage.

* Vitality: Not really recommended. Vitality can be easily gained with Equipment.


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